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Building a Home Sauna

Once the exclusive territory of health clubs and swimming pools, saunas are now becoming more prevalent in residential homes. This may be due to the large number of products now available on the market for building a sauna. Everything from plans to construct your own sauna, to sauna construction kits, to module saunas which take less time to assemble than most childrens toys. These products may have also been developed to provide for the growing demand for personal saunas.

Although throughout history, saunas have often been public affairs, with todays societal beliefs and attitudes, it is an obvious progression for the sauna to move from public places into the home. As they are often used to relax and purify the body, many people will also use them without clothing. This is definitely easier when the sauna is located in your own home.

Sauna kits

Aside from designing and building a sauna completely yourself, assembling a pre-cut kit will allow you to save a little money by investing a bit more sweat and time. These kits are usually designed to turn a completed room into a sauna. Waterproof floors will be required. Typical room sizes used for this application range from small 4' x 4' rooms up to larger 8' x 12' rooms. In most cases it is best to choose a kit that fits as closely to the room dimensions as possible, as this will mean the least amount of work.

Modular Sauna Kits

Modular Sauna kits are designed to be installed just about anywhere. It comes complete with all of the pieces necessary. With a few simple tools, and a little bit of time, you can have a free standing sauna of your very own. One big perk of the modular saunas is that they are also very easy to disassemble, so you can move them from room to room, or inside to outside with ease.

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