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Far Infrared Sauna

Far infrared radiant heat

Far infrared heat is a natural form of light energy which heats objects, but not the air around them. As the body absorbs the light energy it warms, but since air does not absorb the energy, it does not gain any heat. It is not to be confused with ultraviolet or UV radiation. This is a different type of light energy which can damage the skin. Far infrared light will penetrate the body tissue and travel as deep as two or three inches, increasing circulation and helping heal damaged tissues.

Infrared heat Vs. Steam Heat

The main difference between an infrared sauna and sauna with a traditional heater is the air temperature. In a traditional sauna, the heater will heat the air to a high temperature, and thus create a hot atmosphere which warms the body and causes sweating. Unfortunately, this superheated air is also inhaled and is not altogether pleasant to breathe. Many people find breathing the heated air difficult and will thus not be able to stay in a traditional sauna long enough to enjoy the benefits. With a far infrared sauna, the air is not heated and thus the breathing problem is negated.

The cost of operating an infrared sauna is much less than a traditional sauna, due mainly to the fact that it does not require a pre-heat time where the traditional sauna must warm up prior to use.

Ceramic Vs. Steel infrared heaters

Many far infrared sauna's on the market are heated with steel heating elements. The manufacters who produce ceramic heating elements consider steel to be older technology. Ceramic heating elements require less time to warm up, operate at lower temperatures than steel, and use less energy to attain deep penetrating heat.

Far infrared saunas are also known by the shorter name of infrared saunas.

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