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Portable Infrared Sauna

An infrared sauna is a wonderful thing to have if you have the space. For those people who don't own a home large enough, or perhaps travel quite often, a full scale infrared sauna is not practical, or sometimes even possible. This is where portable infrared saunas come in. These smaller size saunas are usually made of a soft material with a frame that must be assembled. The least expensive ones will often resemble a space age sleeping bag with a control box. More expensive ones are designed to have a seat inside and allow the sauna bather to sit comfortably.

Due to their small size and the flexible material that they are constructed with, portable infrared saunas can be folded up and easily carried from place to place. They are also easily stored, which makes them perfect for doctors offices, beauty salons, weight loss clinics and detox centers, or individuals with litle storage space.

Portable infrared sauna savings

Not only do portable infrared saunas save space due to their compact size, but they also save over the already efficient larger far infrared saunas. Due to their smaller size, a smaller infrared heater can be used. Thus, many smaller portable infrared saunas use only as much electricity as a small appliance like a hair drier.

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