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Sauna Belt

Sauna belts have been marketed to the general public for many years now, mostly through infomercials and fitness magazines or tv channels. The products are often accompanied by claims of weight loss and elimination of toxins. The idea behind a sauna belt is that the heated belt will cause the area of the body that it covers to sweat. This would then allow the body to flush out toxins through persperation. Some sauna belt manufacturers even go as far as claiming that spot weight reduction can be possible with a sauna belt. They say that a sauna belt will reduce body fat in the area that it covers, with some even claiming that a it is possible to have a 2cm loss in only 50 minutes of sauna belt use.

Needless to say our opinion on this type of product is very low. They have absolutely nothing to do with a traditional finnish or infrared sauna and the association that they claim will only hurt the reputation of sauna on a whole. Spot fat reduction is not thought to be possible. In most cases any weight loss caused by this type of product will only be in water weight (which has been sweated out due to the high heat), and thus will quickly come back when the person rehydrates themselves by drinking a few glasses of water.

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