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Sauna Cleaning

Traditional Finnish saunas do not require extensive cleaning and maintenance. Due to the very dry environment, most can be cleaned only once of twice a year. As most people will shower before entering a sauna, the only contaminant that will usually require removal is the sweat of the bathers. As most traditional finnish saunas are constructed of wood, including benches and walls, it is important to choose an appropriate cleaner. It is recommended to find a cleaner that does not contain harsh chemicals which could damage or stain the wood. Natural cleaners with no toxic chemicals seem to work best and be most at peace with the idea of the sauna.

Steam saunas will often require more cleaning than traditional dry or Finnish saunas. This is because, as with any hot and moist environment, they can be a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mold. As molds and fungi can grow even in the walls of a sauna, if not properly cleaned, it is important to stay on top with regular maintenance.

Clean your Finnish or steam sauna with the care it requires and you will have a lifelong refuge from the stressors of modern life.

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