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Sauna Kits

Modular sauna kits

Modular sauna kits are the simplest way for the do it yourselfer to install a sauna. These kits come from the factory already partialy assembled. They are designed to be easily assembled and disassembled whenever you want. Even if you are not an experienced home handyman or do-it-yourselfer, installing a modular sauna may be well within your range of abilities. If you can put together childrens toys, then this type of installation shouldn't be too much more difficult to do.

Ready to assemble sauna kits

The next evolution of do-it-yourself sauna installation is the ready to assemble sauna kits. Like the modular kits, pretty much everything you need will be included in the kit. Unlike the modular sauna kits, all the pieces will be unattached. This can be a much larger project than the modular sauna kits, and will most likely take more time as well as more knowledge to complete.

Sauna building plans

There are a wide variety of plans available both online and at many hardware stores for the construction of a home sauna. If you're looking for a variety of plans, check your local library's home improvement section for books that have plans. One of the large perks of building a sauna completely from scratch using a plan is that you can alter the plan to fit your own needs. This will allow you to take the basic design from the plans and add your own custom touches to make the sauna completely your own, as well as to aid in matching the decor of your home.

Sauna kit sizes

Sauna kits will range from quite small, 4' by 4' up to larger multiperson 12' x 8' versions. The size of the kit you choose will depend on whether you plan on having company sharing the sauna, and how many people you think will be using it at a time. Another thing to take into consideration when determining the size of the sauna kit you wish to install is the room you have available. Make sure that the sauna will fit in the room that you have specified for it.

The sauna kit that you choose will depend on the funds, time, effort, and knowledge you have available.

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