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Steam Sauna

Steam sauna history

Steam sauna's are thought by many historians to have come about due to the changes in building materials. As concrete slowly replaced the traditional wooden saunas, a great deal more energy was required to heat the sauna. Since at a low humidity temperatures of up to 100 degrees C. are tolerable, moisture was added in the form of steam to make the sauna feel hotter at lower temperatures. Since higher humidity can make you feel a great deal warmer, steam saunas or baths became popular due to their lower energy requirements. To see how humidity can affect how temperatures feel, if you are in a dry sauna, simply exhale onto your arm. You will notice that even though your breath should not be hot, it creates a burning sensation on your arm. This is due to the moisture concentration in the air that you exhale.

Modern steam saunas

Modern day steam saunas have come a long way since people were pouring water onto super heated rocks. Today's steam saunas often have aromatherapy options which add relaxing scents to the steam. This allows for more of the senses to be relaxed as a variety scented oils have been shown to help aid in relaxation. Technological advances in steam saunas have brought numerous models and styles to the marketplace. Portable steam saunas, which can be easily packed away and then set up again, without the need for expensive plumbing or other requirements associated with fixed steam sauna, are now becoming popular in residential homes.

Steam saunas are often very popular in fitness facilities and pools. Although not as traditional as a Finnish sauna, they are still a relaxing pursuit.

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