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Sunlight Sauna

Sunlight saunas are among the most popular sauna's on the market today. Sunlight saunas boast a wide array of advanced technologies in order to try and stay ahead of the competition.

Sunlight Sauna Features

  • Veneer-Free Cedar: Why settle for a sauna made of some cheap wood covered with a cedar veneer? Sunlight saunas are crafted out of Canadian cedar. Unlike many saunas which have only cedar seats, or walls, sunlight saunas seats, floor, back wall, and benches are all made of real cedar.
  • Outdoor Cover: If you're lacking space indoors, Sunlight saunas have canvas covers available so your sauna can handle the elements and still provide many years of happiness.
  • Lifetime warranty: Rä-Class and Phoenix-Class models all come with a lifetime warranty on the electrical system, cabinetry and heaters.

Sunlight Sauna Exclusive Features

  • Ergonomic Backrest: It's best to relax when you're in a comfortable environment. Sunlight saunas offer an ergonomic backrest so you don't have to sit and try and relax on a hard wooden bench.
  • Remote Control: Access to time, temperature, and lighting from inside or outside the sauna.
  • Reversible Benches: If you've experienced the unpleasantness of a wet sauna bench, you'll be happy to know that sunlight sauna benches are reversible. Just flip it over and you've got a fresh, dry seat to sit on.

    Sunlight Saunas are market leaders in the infrared sauna industry.

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