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Infrared Saunas

Far Infrared Saunas are the latest health craze to hit the internet. Boasting huge benefits, lower operating costs, and easy installation, these sauna's have taken the sauna world by storm. Infrared saunas use Far-Infrared light to heat your body, instead of a traditional electric or gas heater that you'll find in most sauna's. This allows the sauna to heat up very quickly as it is the infrared lights effect on your skin that does the heating, not the air around you. This effect is much like if you are outside and walk from a shady spot to a sunny spot. You all of a sudden feel a great deal warmer. The air temperature around you has not changed, but the infrared light given off by the sun has warmed your skin. Infrared saunas harness this same power to give you the ultimate sauna experience at a fraction of the cost of traditional saunas.

Infrared saunas can be purchased at many retailers across the world. Due to their modular construction, they can even be bought on the internet and shipped directly to your door. These kits are designed to be easily assembled. Also, since the kits come in a number of pieces, if you decide that you want to move your infrared sauna from room to room, or from indoors to outdoors, you can simply take it apart and reassemble it in the new location. Many people move their sauna's indoors for the winter to avoid having to go outside and experience the cold air after a nice relaxing sauna.

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